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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

just whose head do I need to chew off???

I am really, really frustrated today, and it is doing nothing for my health.... I know my blood pressure is really high again and there isn't much i can' do about it right now..

After telling us all that our soldiers would be home this week, it turns out that they forgot to schedule a plane for them to all come home on. Which means that no one knows when they will now be coming home. could be next week, could be 3 weeks...
this is NOT acceptable!!!!!
i have scheduled time off from work, and really can't push those dates around at this point. And I know i am not the only service member family that is being screwed with because of this. it's all just really frustrating and upsetting at this point. I am really hoping that they can pull off some sort of miracle and still manage to get them home this week. This is all starting to take a toll on my health again and i really can't and shouldn't be dealing with all this stress right now.

sorry, but i just had to get some of this out before i started banging my head against the wall... If anyone actually reads this. please keep us in your prayers for a speedy resolution..

Thanks for letting me whine

Monday, November 09, 2009


ok.. so, hubby is due back at some point this week.. or at least that's what they said... we thought we'd have actual information on details last week.. we're still waiting, and this is starting to really stress me out.. my blood pressure is getting out of hand again and i know this is all due to the stress of not knowing and all the crap they are putting us through right now... this is not good for me, however and i am trying to really stay calm, but it is getting harder and harder.. *sigh*
i want him home!!!! darn them...

oh,, and we finally got snow last night.. yay... not much, (about 2 inches..) but it's a start, and not so much that it will make travel hard or stop Tom from getting to ride his motorcycle when he gets back..
anyway.. keep me in your prayers.. my health needs all the help it can get right now.