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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home Inspection done!

Yesterday we had our inspection for foster care. I, of course, had spent the prior week getting the house as clean and tidy as I possibly could. Not the biggest concern in the inspection, but, it was something that everyone always does in the midst of the "will they think I'm good enough" panic. We passed with flying colors! We do need to build some steps under the basement windows to make them easier to access in an emergency but that will be easily done next week after Tom gets back. So I think we are set. Just have to wait for paperwork to clear, mostly Bree's dual state background check, and we will be off and running. Meanwhile, now we can start messing up the place again and get all of Mattie's stuff ready for girl's camp in 2 weeks. And maybe pick up another foster dog. I'm so very excited about things though. woohoo! :)

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Crazy, Crazy..

Ok, noticed I've _really_ let this blog fall behind.. oops.. I swear it's been for a good reason.. more or less anyway.. In February we went in and signed up to start the process for foster care. Our plan is to eventually adopt via the foster care system. So please keep your fingers crossed for us there.. Anyway, we had some classes, lots of paperwork, background checks, more classes, etc.. and now we have our home inspection scheduled for July 10. That is the last thing we need before we can get a placement. So I will be busy this next week doing some cleaning and such to make sure the house is ready for that. We've also been fostering dogs still. That has been fun. I think last time I posted we had Ollie, or had just gotten him adopted out. We've had a few since then. We had Benji for nearly 2 months. He was a pappillon mix with a few health problems so it took a while to find him a good home. Then we got another peppy, Lucky. Didn't have him very long, only a week or two. Then we got Gifford. He was an older pommie that we only had for 2 days. If we'd had him longer, he might not have left.. lol he was a great dog. Then we had Jyll for all of 2 days before I had to send her back, she and Kikkoman just did NOT get along at all. Then we got Fuzzy. She just got adopted yesterday. She was another little pommie, only a year old though she behaved like a 6 -8 month old. Not her fault though, she spent her entire life inside a breeder's cage and had already had a litter herself. But she's got a great home now and should do well. Right now we are foster doggie free so I can concentrate on getting the house ready for inspection. The girls are up for the summer now. Bree's been here almost a month already and found a job. She's doing concrete finishing work. Keeps her busy but it pays well. Mattie is mostly doing computer art work with her time since she got up about 2 weeks ago, though this weekend she's over a Bailey's babysitting her niece. Progress has been made on our bed/bath remodel. Not as much as we might have liked, but it is coming along. We've got my closet in and, more to the yay, the tub is in!!! next we need to get the flooring in the bathroom area and then tear out the other closet and bedroom flooring so we can redo those, and build the bathroom cabinets. I think that's the "big" updates for what all has gone on in the last few months.