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Friday, June 12, 2009

latest update... progress

Well, probablly should have done this a few days ago, but i came down with a nasty head cold right about the same time as I got results back from the blood tests, so things got delayed.. though updates were somewhat sent out elsewhere..
anyway.. blood test show everything is more or less fine. I have plenty of iron receptors in my blood, the iron just hasn't been sticking for some reason. My numbers were up and I am now at the very low end of normal.. but "normal" is much improved from where I was, so I am continuing with the iron suppliments. My blood pressure was better, but still not quite where they wanted it, so they've tinkered with that some, and the last reading I just took was 107/67.. pulse is a bit high at 105, but i've been doing a lot of coughing (thanks to that head cold..) so will see how that goes in the next day or two as the coughing clears up. Nothing in the tests give any indication as to what caused any of this. Chest x-ray confirmed that my heart is slightly enlarged, which could be caused by the high blood pressure, or could have caused the high blood pressure.. or.. well, it's one of those evil circular things... gotta figure out what started the whole mess..
I have an echo cardiogram scheduled for the 29th and hopefully that will shed some light.. after that, will likely have a sleep study done as well.. just going to be the summer of tests for me this year :)
but otherwise, I'm feeling pretty good. I know now that there really is a reason for me to feel tired, so don't push through it like i was, am willing to go take a nap if i need to, and because of that, I'm feeling better, am sleeping through the night again now and have actual moments of real energy! :) Still not willing to do anything too hard yet, but I am starting to get there. Light exercise has been allowed back into my routine, in small doses, which is about all I can take right now anyway before i wear out.. but it's a start.. (ok, one i've been forced to take more times then I would like the last few years... but, there we are...)
and while this whole mess has pretty much put an end to some dreams (IVF in the next few years is definately out, and not likely to even be an option beyond that..) it at least has provided some answers to a few things and was caught in time to keep me around for a good deal longer, which will be even more important for the whole adoption process.