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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Ok, May sucked. Shortly after posting last we found out that my youngest step daughter had been hospitalized. We still aren't sure what actually was going on. (the perils of step kids living out of state and an ex who won't tell you anything...) We heard that she was on IV antibiotics for infection, but no one knew what kind. There was talk of kidney failure and other things. She was in the hospital for about 4 days and then sent home. As far as we know, all is back to normal and well. We will hopefully be able to get better details once the girls are here.
Mom's surgery went well. They think they got it all and her test all came back clear. She goes in next week for her pre-radiation consultation and then will start 6 weeks of radiation therapy. She is in great spirits though and doing well.
As for my gluten test, well, I don't know if it was effected by not being on gluten long enough or what, but the test showed I was negative for celiac. That really doesn't matter to me though. Just doing that gluten challenge was enough to verify intolerance for me, even if it isn't (yet) celiac and I am back off the stuff for good! I am so much better, healthier and happier.
My garden is doing great this year. I've got squash! And peas and it looks like I've got carrots! We've never had any luck with carrots before. The pumpkins and watermelons are still growing and we're hopeful for them this year as well. Indoors, we had a bit of a fight with aphids (where, oh where, did they come from?!?!) but it looks like I won. My peppers and tomatoes are doing well as are my herbs. I will have to work on getting pictures posted in here one of these days. I have at least 3 little baby tomatoes. They are fully crowding my windows already so it's hard to get a good count until they get bigger, and maybe red, but there are some showing up.
Girls will be here soon, and this year we've got a brave boyfriend coming to meet the folks and check Alaska out as well, so that will be interesting.