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Friday, November 11, 2011

dang time sneaks up...

and I get busy and forget to take time to update this.. I've spent the last few months off and on busy, some at work, but mostly canning! I've bottled all sorts of things. I've pickled potatoes, turnips, beets and carrots. I've bottled carrots and apple pie filling and applesauce and beef broth. I've even bottled french fries! And I've been playing with some other gluten free recipes.
I've tried making naan bread for hubby, though so far we haven't found a recipe that works for him yet and is gluten free for me. I have got cheese crackers figured out well though, I can't seem to make them fast enough to keep up with hubby eating them! We're hoping to try a few more recipes this weekend. Maybe even the long awaited pretzels.
And I've been trying to get a blanket done for my new nephew, who should be born any week now..
A while back I let hubby convince me to go to a salon and got my hair cut and highlighted. It looks very nice, but I still cringe at the cost of it. I'm just too darn frugal.
I'm finally fairly recovered from Gobo's loss. I still have moments, but I'm not a complete basket case and don't burst in to tears at the thought. I'm toying with the idea of fostering dogs for one of the local rescues, but haven't decided for sure yet.
I have had a bit of a set back health wise, but we're pretty sure it's ok, just part of the normal process of making such 'drastic' changes to my diet and getting all the gluten out. Lots of long term things to get resorted and balanced back out. I have been very tired and just unenergetic for the last month or so, but this week I seem to be finally improving some. Sadly, that was just in time for a head cold.. *sigh* but there we are. lol
Adoption is still in holding pattern. Hubby's dr appt is taking forever since he's going through the VA. He finally got his first intro appt this month, but now we have to wait til next month for his actual appt with the doctor. Still hoping I can manage to get everything turned in by the end of the year though. That will be so nice to finally have done.
And we've made some progress with the remodel! Hurray! Not as much as we'd have liked, but money has just been too tight this year. But, we have gotten the closet completely walled in. I just need to caulk the corners and do some painting, and I can start getting the closet set up. Still need to do the flooring in there and get the bathroom itself done. We're hoping to get the drywall around the tub up before hubby goes back up this time.
Girls will be here for Christmas this year and we've got their tickets ready to go. Bree will get an entire extra week this time, which will be nice. Thanksgiving will be quiet this year though. No one will be here but me.. Bailey and her family will be doing stuff with her grandparents and aunt, so I get to have a quiet day of not much. Will still do some cooking, but not the whole shebang.. save that for Christmas. This will be our first major holiday since I've gone gluten free and I've got to make sure everyone is happy with the food so they can better understand that we don't have to miss out on anything even with my new diet. I don't think I'm missing out on much (cept maybe the convenience of lazy food.. and travel food.. travel food is hard.. eating out is ok, but limited here in Alaska..) and they need to feel that way too.
So, that's my update for now. Hopefully I won't get so behind again for a while.. :)