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Friday, August 21, 2009


I didn't realize it had been so long! Lots of things have happened this summer. Okay, mostly lots of doctor's appointments keeping me busy and all, but, stuff has happened.. :)
Oldest step daughter came to visit with the grandbaby. The three of them were here for about a week. Was good to see them all, the baby has grown so much! Can't wait to see them again next spring.
The girls have been here all summer as well. They've been running around all crazy, dyed their hair, had sleep overs, played games.. all the usual stuff. They had fun and we all hate that they have to go back this weekend.
As mentioned, I've had lots of appointments this summer, but it seems we have finally figured out what is wrong with me this year :) (Ok, has been wrong for years, just got worse this year...) I have SEVERE sleep apnea. Docs aren't sure how I ever got any sleep at all, it was that bad. 5 sleep disturbances an hour is "normal".. I had 130 +.. so apparently i've only been power napping in short bursts of less then 30 seconds at a time... no wonder I've always been so tired and never had any energy.. They wonder how I ever functioned at all.. This is apparently something that has been on going for years and years and has just progressevely gotten worse and has given me really high blood pressure, an enlarged heart, cause weight gain, and really a whole slew of other problems.
It is now being treated. I have a nice little cpap machine that I use at night to help me get actual sleep and I just love the thing. I noticed a difference the first night, and now at just over 2 weeks with it, I have energy again. I can do "normal" tasks without getting winded or wanting to take a nap all the time. It's just great. I can't wait to see how things will feel after I've been on it a while. If I'm lucky, there is a chance I could eventually come off of most, if not all, of my meds eventually. But i'm just happy right now to be finally sleeping and getting some energy back. I should be able to finally start loosing weight again too (yay!!)
Did I mention that I love my cpap macnine?? :)