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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Playing catch up

Ok, I've kinda slacked off a bit, but things got crazy. Thanksgiving was hectic and emotional. We had our family dinner on Friday and while I was home getting things prepped, Hubby and the girls went shopping. While they were out, we got a call from OCS about a possible placement.We got very excited as it was one that would likely have lead to an adoption. Sadly, it fell through within hours of our being notified of the possibility. I was a complete and total wreck the rest of the weekend and, honestly, am still sad that if fell through.
Then first week of December we a quick, short term emergency placement of a sibling group. Unfortunately, we had to call that placement off even shorted then it was meant to be because I went and got very, very ill. I was looking at hospitalization and there wouldn't have been anyone available to watch the kids. (They'd been waiting on grandparents to come in from the villages to get them, they were able to get grandma to come in earlier then originally scheduled.) I hated having to call that short, but there really wasn't much other option. I barely managed to stay out of the hospital and eventually recovered, but it was not a fun week. And annoying when a "2-day bug" winds up lasting a week and being 5 times worse then everyone said to expect..
M went down to her mom's for Christmas, so it was just Tom and I and the dogs. He wound up having some unplanned time off over the holidays, so we got to spend time together working on projects and such.
We still haven't gotten another foster placement yet, but we have some classes scheduled in the next few months covering adopting through the foster system.
The dogs are all still crazy. Willow has somehow managed to hang in there and is refusing to die, though it can't be much longer now. We will all be horribly sad when she passes, but, she's had a good run and she has taken a turn for the worse this past weekend, though she keeps trying to perk up.
And, after some cajoling and repeated suggestions, I've gone and started a gluten free food blog!  Click here to check it out! It's not much yet, but it's a start, and not nearly as much work as doing the cookbook everyone keeps saying I should write.
B2 was up here for the past week and a half doing some work for the company she worked for over the summer. They had a job up in Fairbanks that they needed extra hands for, so they talked her into coming up for it. She went back to school yesterday, but seems to have liked it up there in the -40 temps and dark and, oh, did I mention cold... She has pretty well decided that she wants to go to school up there next year.

So that pretty much brings us up to speed.