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Thursday, March 05, 2009

the joys of job hunting..

Ok, so I've been looking at getting back in the work force since December. I've been lucky enough til now to be able to stay home and take care of husband, dogs, and, when there, the step-kids. Hubby deployed at the start of December, however, and with that, his income drastically decreased. We've still got enough to squeak by, but just barely, and, well, kids tend to want things (like airfare to come visit and then expect to be fed and entertained and such.. not to mention the necessary bribes to get them to do things like help around the house and mow the lawn and all.. and if they don't do it, I need to pay someone to mow since, due to allergies, I can't...) S0 I decided to look for work, at least part time. Just something to bring in a little extra cash (ok. loads of extra cash would be nice.. but, right now, not likely...) and get me out of the house once in a while. I mean I love it at home, it's very quiet here with just me and the dogs.. but.. well, if we keep that up too much, I might start seeing patterns in the wood paneling or the stripes on the wall paper in the girls' room (it's not yellow, but you never know..)
So I've been looking for work..
Thus far, things have been very... off putting.. I have been told time and time again that I'm over qualified to work at Sears or Wal-mart or the grocery stores or anything.. I mean, yeah, I have a degree, obviously such jobs might not be my first choice, but, like many others right now, sometimes a job is a job, and since I was just looking for something part time, even temporary, I hardly think that this sort of thing is really at issue... And all the office positions I've applied for have either completely ignored me, or, well, I did actually get one rejection letter.. so at least they thought well enough of me to send a rejection. And don't even get me started on the garbage I got told at the employment agency I went to...
Anyway.. A few weeks ago I was looking though the job postings online and saw two that sounded like they'd give ma a shot... both of them were on-call positions. The first was with what use to be called the secritary pool with the bourough (not sure what they'd call it today..) and the second was with the local library. I applied for both. Last week I got a card from the bourough saying they had received my application and would be doing interviews over the next 3 weeks and they might call me... Then Monday, I got a call from the City asking if I could come in Wednesday morning to interview for the library position.. Of course I went. I was the first interview they were doing and the first for that day, bright and early at 8 am.. interview went pretty well and they said they'd try to have a decision by the end of the week and they'd call me later.
Went away thinking things had gone well and that maybe I'd hear something Friday afternoon, maybe even not til Monday. Well, this morning at 11 am I got a call from them offering me the job. woohoo!!! After 10 long years, I'm back to working in a library. It may not be steady work right now, but it's a toe back in the water and a foot in the door if something more opens up. I'm working on-call, which pretty much means that I only really go in if someone goes on vacation or calls in sick or they get really busy and need another body. I go in Monday to do all the paperwork and Tuesday I start training, then, who knows.. I may sit around at home for weeks, but, it's a start. And I am very, very happy about it. (as is hubby who was chatting with me at the time they called, which was really nice)
So now I've got to go brush up on the dewey decimal system again :)