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Monday, January 31, 2011


I really hate that word... but I am trying a new one starting today. One of the ladies I sometimes work with has had a lot of luck dropping a decent amount of weight quickly using the Fat Flush Plan. She just uses the initial 2 week detox part of the program once in a while when she feels she needs to loose some weight then goes back to her normal routine. That isn't how it's supposed to work, but that is how she does it and she thought it might help me to at least get things started. So I checked out the book and spent the last week looking it over to determine if this was something OI could do or if it would interfere with my meds and all too much. It seems promising, though it's a good deal more complicated then what she does if you look at it long term.
We will have to see how this goes. So far I am on day one and have done well so far, though, honestly, I still feel hungry. The first 2 weeks you can't have sugar, starches, or dairy of any sort and I'm pretty sure those are what I am craving right now.I am so addicted to dairy.. and wheat.. If I follow the plan beyond the initial 2 weeks, I am allowed to slowly reintroduce all of those things I'm not allowed one at a time. The theory is that a lot of people can't loose weight because it's not fat they are holding on to, but a hidden food allergy that is making them bloated. This, sadly, might be the case. Years ago I had a series of allergy tests done then was on shots for about 10 years. One of the many many things I tested positive for was wheat, but it was never much of an issue, or at least it wasn't pressed at the time, that I avoid it. This, however, might now be coming into play for me. This will stink though, because, next to dairy, I love baked goods, breads, pastries, etc.. At least there are a lot more gluten free options now then there were back then, but it will still stink. So, here's to hoping I don't show any reactions when I reintroduce.
Meanwhile, I figured this would be a good way for me to keep myself honest and on track about it, and should get me blogging more as well, which I also need to start doing.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Ok, so I was just reviewing and saw that it had been a month since I posted.. so, it's about time.. My only blogging goal for the year is to post at least once a month on each of my blogs. We will see how that goes.
I did finally get my computer kicked back into shape. A good old fashioned turning it off and on seemed to finally do the trick. Why is it you never think of trying that sort of thing first?? (OK, so I did, but was afraid there might have been some sort of virus that would take hold on reboot, so put it off..)
Anyway, Christmas came and went. I survived working for 2 weeks straight over the holidays and have been in once since then. I was supposed to have gone another time as well, but, I wound up sick that day so didn't go.
The weather has been insane this winter. Every time we've had snow, the winds have come and blown it all away to the south, then the bitter, bitter sub zero temps have come and frozen us all, then it warms up to over 40 and melts what little might be left, then gets cold again.. then snow and repeat... we finally have snow again and I really am hoping it stays this time. It isn't a proper winter without snow. Tom is taking advantage of this and has gone skiing today, though he should be home soon.
Tomorrow we get our new stove at long last!! After having spent most of the last year with the oven not working properly and making due with a large toaster oven, a crock pot or two and an electric roaster oven (thankfully the burners worked! though once in a while you'd have to start them with a lighter...) we are finally getting the new stove we've been saving up for. It will be so nice to actually be able to cook again! And this one is a nice 5 burner, double oven stove. I am seriously so excited. I have no idea what I will cook first on it. I ordered it New Years Day and it will be showing up here just days before our anniversary. I told Tom if he was smart he'd try to make it a Christmas and Anniversary present, but he's even smarter and says he doesn't count major appliances as presents.. Which is almost sad, because he has one of the few wives who would totally count it. lol
Health wise, this week has kind of sucked. I feel fine, actually. Blood pressure and everything are all fine, I've just been dealing with a LOT of pain this week, and that just drains me physically and emotionally. Though so far, at least emotionally, I've been able to bounce back quickly after the worst of it eases up. Just makes housework that much more of a hassle.
Things are brewing with the kids.. most of it I don't feel I can talk about quite yet, though we are waiting to hear back from lawyers regarding options for trying to get the younger 2 up here full time..
but, the eldest has big news.. they finally found a house they felt they could put an offer on and it looks like they might just have a place to call their own soon, if all goes well with inspections and what not. It would only be about 15 or so miles from us, so that's not too bad at all.