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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Well, it has been an "exciting" month here. On or about the 26th of July (I can't really remember exactly, but I know it was right about then..) Tom's youngest daughter (age 13) informed us that she REALLY didn't want to go back to her mother's at the end of the summer. So much so that, if it came to it, she was going to refuse to get on the plane. We told her that she really needed to call her mother to discuss this with her, but she didn't want to do it right away and put it off.. of course she was going to camp the next week, so it wasn't until she got back on the 3rd that she got around to calling.. and there was much discussion.. and just this past Friday (the 10th) she got a verbal ok from her mother to stay for the school year. So now we are scrambling to get her ready for school, which starts this Thursday... Going to be LOTS of changes around here because of this... And the 18 year old has gone back to school, left on the 6th. This is her combo senior/sophmore year. At the end of this year she will be done with high school and have her associate's degree from college as well. Woohoo! But, that's not the only change going on... On the 28th of July, Tom got a phone call informing him that he was being laid off. *joy... sigh* This meant the postponement of Tom's planned trip to drive his motorcycle down to my mom's this fall so he could ride it around the lower 48 next summer. He was not happy about that. It also means a slight postponement in our plans to do foster care. But, we've got everything else we need done, so as soon as he gets a job lined back up, we can jump right on into that. He'd been looking to switch companies anyway, as things were not looking good with the company he was with, and it turns out he was right. They've been laying people off left and right there.. but, timing could have been better. He's been putting in applications left and right, and even had an interview this past week, so we're just waiting to hear back. It shouldn't be too long, but I'd certainly like it to be over with. :) I've got things to do and we have bills to pay. At least we have a very well stocked pantry and freezers so we have more then enough food storage. We've also got 2 great little pommies in dog foster right now. We picked them up about 4 weeks ago. Older pair, mother and son, 10 and 7 years old. Their owners passed away and the daughter had come in from out of state to take care of things and wasn't able to find them a home before she had to leave. So we took them in. I have to say, i am so very tempted to keep them myself.. lol.. but we already have 3 of our own, and our max is suppose to be 4... They were very overweight, the owner fed them "table scraps" almost exclusively, so it took a while to get them to adjust to kibble, but Emily is doing great and has already lost weight. She LOVES going on walks with Tom and just prances on leash. Petey is also a little chubby ball of love. He is very shy and stand offish and was VERY dependent on his momma the first week or so he was here, wouldn't go anywhere unless she went first.. He's now started to come around and he is just the sweetest little boy. He reminds us a LOT of our first pommie, Pepe. Both have been good with the 4 year old grand daughter, Emily especially. Petey takes some time to get use to people, but he does come around. Their previous owner did have them de-barked, which is rather sad. Makes them quiet, but that made it hard to hear them the first few days when they wanted out (they have since figured out the dog door..) So that's about where things are at this point. Crazy as usual. Hoping for news on the job front early this next week. Monday we will be running around getting M enrolled in school and hopefully get all that sorted. So, how has your month gone? :)