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Monday, September 18, 2006


*sigh* how is one supposed to deal with a 17 year old step son who really doesn't care what you say or do, thinks he knows everything and the world owes him and will just hand him things (and where did he learn that, anyway?? certainly not in our house..)
Hubby is constrained by work, which keeps him away from home and up at the north slope for weeks at a time, during which the boy feels he can run rough shod over me and all the house rules...

(like the one about not taking off at 9 pm and still not being home at 3 am with not a word to anyone... that's the one currently irking the heck out of me... forcing me to stay up all night wondering where he is or when he might deign to show back up... meanwhile, the lack of sleep is going to seriously screw with my medication schedule and my already messed up sleep schedule.. *sigh* )

bother bother bother...

anyone want a slightly used teenager??

Thursday, August 31, 2006

back to school fair and floods

Well, my step daughters have been back at their mother's for 2 weeks, and my step son has been back to school, his senior year, for 2 weeks. Hubby has come and gone, left this morning for his next stint up at the slope working at one of the pump stations on the gas pipeline.
We've actually had a break in the rain, nearly all week.. a few showers today, but otherwise, nothing since last Friday. Has made it nice for the folks going to the State Fair accross the street. Don't plan on going over there myself. The boy went, he had fun, but not sure I care about it much this year. I've actually been pretty sick all week and am just getting back on my feet. Not sure what had me out, seemed a lot like the flu, but wrong season... Ah well..
Let's see.. what else has been happening.. One of our male mice died. Wynkin, a black eyed white. He'd been a little under the weather about 2 months ago, but had seemed to come out of it, so his passing was a bit of a surprise, he was nearly a year and a half old though. And one of the three girls with cancer passed on her own rather suddenly. The other 2 still seem to be doing OK still though.
The dogs are their usual crazy selves. Rocky has been Mr Jealous. He's getting old and is very very VERY protective of me, even to the point of growling at hubby once in a while, he even bit Tom's nose once... poor ole guy, we're starting to wonder if maybe his vision is starting go. He's approximately 9 years old, maybe more. we're at least his third owners and have no paperwork to verify, but he's getting old and cranky.
Pepe is just insane :) she's cute, but crazy, and Willow, is just, well, Willow.. though luckily, she hasn't managed to escape and terrorize the neighborhood in the last 6 weeks. (She has a serious "mortal enemy" in the old Bassett Hound next door, who is use to thinking of our yard as hers, and this just drives Willow nuts!) BTW, if i didn't mention it last time Pepe and Rocky are our pomeranians, and Willow is my step daughter's Jack Russel Terrier.
Oh, all the rain this year pretty much stunted most of our garden this year, so we're not likely to get much, but we did manage to get a few potatoes and some peas out of it. Still getting peas once in a while, waiting to see if any of the tiny tomatoes are going to turn red before things freeze.. which I think is going to be early this year.. leaves are already changing colors.
Well, I think that's it for now.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

hello blogging world

Well, this is my very first blog. So I suppose I should introduce myself a bit. I am fortunate enough to be able to be a stay home mom/housewife. Most of the year we only have my soon to be 18 year old step son living with us, but in the summer, and some holidays, we also get my 2 younger step daughters as well.
The girls are here now, but will be leaving us again in about a week and a half. We shall miss them, but at the same time, I am ready for them to go back. This summer has been difficult for me, as my hubby started a new job that takes him away from home for weeks at a time. So it has been just me and the kids for most of the summer.
This has also been complicated by some medical issues for me. I was diagnosed at the start of the summer with PCOS and insulin resistance. So I've been on high doses of hormones and glucophage all summer which sends me into mood swings alot. Which has really made summer alone with the kids interesting.
I've also had most of our pet mice hit the one year mark this spring, with a good number of them now past a year and ahalf/2 years - which means that they are going to be aging off soon. We're looking towards lots of little mousey deaths this winter, and next summer for certain as the bulk of them will hit 2 years by next June. And the gerbils... one of them (Muad) got an ear infection this summer and had a large bloody abcess develop and burst. He was healing up nicely, had a nice big scab, but earlier this week he decided it would be fun to rip that scab off and bleed all over everything. Scared me something horrid to go down and find him covered in blood with spatter marks all over his tank.. silly gerbil.. got him all cleaned up though and it wasn't nearly as bad as it had looked.. he is once again on the mend.
Well, I guess that will do it for today's posting. Will see what draws me to post next....